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Lack Of Content

The music of Brendan Hutchins

There’s not a lot to it, hence the name. Simple, but fun. Enjoy yourself. There’s no tour either, but if you want to come to The Cottage to hear LOC live, jump on that mailing list, or call me; you have my number surely. 

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Previous Music Releases


Unplaced Soundtrack


Each episode of the first season of the podcast Unplaced had a full length downtempo electronica score. You can experience the horror as you’re walking the streets as well and feel like the world is forgetting you, too! It’s good times. 

unplaced sq large.png

B Sides (The B Is For Brendan)

Before 2018

Coming Soon: I’ll make a page with a bunch of covers and demos and old shit. Some of it’s really funny. Most of it is, well, not great. But have fun nonetheless.

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About Brendan Hutchins

“A Passionate Performer.” Lol. That’s the default text but I’m leaving it. 

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Earth, Lack Of Content makes music for Brendan to enjoy, and if anyone else likes it too, bonus. 

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